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"The corporate still needs to be ready to understand the diversity within veterans and improve the inclusivity else it will just become a metric game and damage in the industry"

Major Namrata Dhasmana: You’re taking me back 17 and a half years and it’s a great feeling to go back in time. It was 2003 when the cupid of the Armed Forces hit me.

I belong to the hills of Uttarakhand and almost every young girl or a boy of Garhwal, the first dream and first love is to join the armed forces.


Black Cat commemorates ASC's 250th anniversary with rafting expedition

Commemorating 250 glorious years of Army Service Corps as young Captain.



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GANGTOK, December 1: To commemorate the 250th anni versary of the Army Service Corps, Black Cat ASC Bn on behalf of Eastern Command conducted white water rafting expedition along the Teesta to day which took off from Bardang, about 35 kilometres from here.
Brig. Prabhat Bhatt, Dy GOC Black Cat Division flagged off the event. The team "Teesta Raiders' which com prised of one officer, one ICO and 16 Jawans of Army Ser vice Corps in two rafts was led by Capt. Namrata Dhasmana
The team is said to be com pleting 40-kms in its first seg ment and will be taking off for the second segment after an over night rest. The second seg ment involves negotiating rap ids upto grade III and travel- ling a distance over 30-kms
Teesta Raiders today tra versed the Teesta with a cur- rent of three to four knots from Bardang to Teesta Bazaar
The expedition will come to an end when the ream reaches their final destination Coronation Bridge, Sevoke un December 2. Though water rafting is an adventure sport, the ASC underinking this as an expedition for which the team members of Teesta Raid ers were trained especially for 21 days for the expedition
Established in 1760 under the East India Company, ASC is one of the oldest and the glo- rious Corps of the Indian Army. The Corps began as an administrative component of the armies of the East India Com pany in the three Presidencies of Bengal, Madras and Bombay, known as the Com missariat. The size of the com- formed missariat fluctuated depending upon the needs of these armies The regular commissariat de partments of the army were set up in 1810 in the Presidencies of Bengal and Madras and in 1811 in Bombay. These de- partments provided the army with its requirements of formod transport and horses, it is i formed.

Staff Reporter, Skydiving camp held for women officers.


Skydiving camp held for women officers

The aim is to form first ever womens skydiving team
Nine women officers receive training

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BANGALORE-:The sky is the limit for women. With the Indian Naval Sky Diving Training Team (INSDTT) conducting a skydiving camp for women officers of the Anny and Navy here recently, there are great opportunities for women to pursue skydiving, which is one of the most thrilling of all adventure sports
The camp conducted basic and attvanced courses which aimed at forming the first ever women's skydiving team, and for Para Regiment personnel. Cdr. N. Rajesh, Chief Instructor, INSDTT, told presspersons here on Thursday that Indian women had the potential to be a part of this sport and nine women officers, six and three women from the army and navy respectively, trained along with 31 male officers.
Of the six women officers from the Army, Lt. Col. Sonali Passi Verma, Army Medical Corps, and Capt. Anila Khatri, a paratrooper, were selected and cleared to become professional skydivers with Capt. Namratha Dasmana, of the Army Supply Corps as a standby. Joint team
Cdr. Rajesh said the objective was to set up a joint team comprising five army and naval women personnel and send it to participate in international sky diving competitions. The team would be participating in the 2011 Military World Games held in Brazil.

Blue skies of a sky diver


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What happens when doors open up for you- opportu- nities to fulfil your desires? And what if the door is of the run- ning aircraft at 14.000 feet? Like the humour? But, it's real.
If you don't have a sense of humour then you are not meant for Sky Diving. The rush of the wind and take a dive in the gust of infinity. These are the oppor tunities that Life has designed for you. Yes, I am talking about Skydiving which I did while serving in the Indian Army.
A Sport which changes your mindset and enabled me to take quick decisions - Yes that's Sky Diving, which you learn only in the open sky and that's where it's called "Blue Skies".
All drills are taught on the ground which you have to per form in the air- How does it sound? Yes, it makes your re- flexes subliminal and enables. you to react instantaneously in any situation. That's how I was focused while getting training for Sky Diving by my Instructors. So, you learn to work well under pressure.
The jump begins with early morning fitness exercises and some specific target strengthen- ing exercises. This routine also. makes us flexible and agile in every situation not only physi cally but mentally. An agile mind is the Sky Diver Strength and so enriches them to be self- controlled.
The Exit Hesitation "Darr Sabko Lagta Hain"- and in Skydiving Language we call it EXIT HESITATION. Standing at the Exit Door with a packed parachute on your back and waiting for your turn to jump from 14, 000 feet.
How does it feel- Numb. Then mind it you are grounded. The thickness in the noise of the heli- copter rotor and the aligning the height with the altimeter tied in your hand, you just have to overcome EXIT HESITATION of nanoseconds and take a dive in the sky. What happens next- once you are in the air? Like an- just cannot afford it. That's where you are trained to react in real VUCA and uncertainty. De- ploying parachute at 4,500 feet and if that does not get deployed the AAD (Automatic Activation resilience. Device) gets activated, but mind it, you get grounded again. If you lose your senses to deploy your safety at the prescribed height and you land after acti- vating AAD, you are not considered to be a safe Skydiver and an unsafe Leader cannot Lead teams. So, you are groomed as a Leader.
Well, this human flight needs a lot of presence of mind and understanding of winds to land carefully. And the most important trait is inclusivity.
There are many skydivers who dive and everyone needs to respect other divers' space and timing.
While landing we use tog gles to apply breaks and ma- noeuvre and take turns and even other Pandemic, helpless- you roll in the sky for fun.
Sky Diving is a human flight that is meant to be experienced. imagine falling from the sky at 120 mph. So, not meant for weak hearts, but develops your mental resilience.
This writing on Sunday is es pecially for every reader to re- gain their lost power and strength and refuel their life with energy to do their dives of Life.
(The author is a Global Speaker and economist. She has served in the Indian Army and was selected for the Indian Army Woman Skydiving Team)