"Give up those caged mindsets and aim to Make India Developed Economy."

—Whether it is a model of DEI in organizations or a wave of Great Resignation it has to be dealt with differently in every demographic region.

You Owe A Lot
To Your Country,

—Give Up Those Primitive Mindsets and
aim to make India DEVELOPED ECONOMY.

Develop Your Mindset
To Break All Your Barriers
And Excel In Life.

—SocioEconomic Analyst | Thought Leader | Speaker

Business by Mind,
Coach by heart.

—Vision- To create shift from Developing
India to Develop India.

My Analysis on Indian Economy with leading India Conglomerate.

As Columnist in Hans India

The Patriotism Of Every Indian

15 Aug 2022 4.30 Am IST

"We want deeper sincerity of motive, A Greater Courage in Speech and earnestness in Action ...

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India should leverage New World Order

8 Aug 2022 3.30 Am IST

The latest tensions between China and Taiwan have provided an added alarm to the Global Recession...

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The rich talent India Inc needs to tap

10 June 2022 11:26 PM IST

The constitution of any country is a foundation and a formal framework vide which any ...

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Serving the Army is all about soldiering

23 june 2022 3.18 Am IST

Today I miss our legendary leader who could take on the mass with the required inspiration ....

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Empowering youth with strength-based development

19 Jan 2022 12:25 AM IST

Youth is considered to be the hope and future of any nation. Famously said by Nelson Mandela- ...

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The real game of fake accounts

20 May 2022 5:00 AM IST

Social media is a blessing in disguise to increase social presence and social intelligence through electronic media...

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Creating wealth, impacting society

14 Apr 2022 11:28 PM IST

Finance Minister Nirmala Sitharaman said, "Those who create wealth are India's wealth." This clearly defines the vision

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No parity yet in pay, status for women

8 Mar 2022 1:00 AM IST

Today, the volatility and uncertainty in trends of hiring and retention in the industry is the biggest talk and concern...

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HNI as a key indicator for sustainable development

6 Feb 2022 1:37 AM IST

The past two years have given an unparallel impact on the aspirations, ambitions and the strategy to amplify...

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Are we face-to-face with the rumbles of deflation?

21 Dec 2021 12:00 AM IST

The Indian economy has been volatile with the varied sentiments of the customers yet to get back to normal.

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What’s spurring the Great Resignation Crisis?


To reduce the effects of unrelenting churns and turnover, it is crucial to understand the ...

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Is India struggling with stagflation?

10 June 2022 11:26 PM IST

The stagflation of the 1970s blessed us with the damaging wage and price controls and the utterly counterintuitive supply-side notion ...

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Need to tap India's latent potential

News Service | 5 May 2022 12:30 AM IST

From the Pandemic to Russia-Ukraine Conflict to Nuclear Warfare to the Sri Lanka crisis and now the Baluchistan attack,...

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The dark side of Bollywood

4 Nov 2022 12:20 AM IST

Bollywood is a movie sector that started in Mumbai and is now a developed empire. Before independence Bombay Film Industry was closely associated with Lahore Film Industry, now the Pakistan Film industry...

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Gender equality raises happiness, well-being

Hans News Service | 20 Dec 2022 12:43 AM IST

Men's contribution to society has been immense since the early days. Yet, the increase in stress and pressures of society are leading them to lose their bond with their family and themselves living an incomplete life. In the name of culture and carrying the legacy, we see increased sadness among men.

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My Analysis On Corporate Leadership

As Guest author in Global People Matter.

Reflection on being a unicorn leader


“True leadership is not wearing the crown to show others, it is standing out in the crowd fearlessly and calmly by empowering others to...”

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D&I at business strategy level


Off late, Diversity and Inclusion forms an integral part of every organization to bring diverse talents and also to create competitive advantage in the industry.

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Hybrid model & Digital HR: Lesson learnt so far!


The HR has to undergo complete overhauling of its skill sets and remodel it’s own role to manage ...

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Namrata tribe say about her

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Namrata is a passionate and innovative leader. Thinking about people in a whole new way and placing the values of humanity at the core of companies. ... I had the pleasure of uses strength based leadership in her work and life. Her passion for a better world and getting to know Namrata through HackingHR and was on a panel with her. I highly recommend her as a future thinker and innovator.
author image
I have the pleasure of knowing Namrata and am in awe of her drive and passion to develop leaders. Her knowledge and insights on HR and leadership ... development is exemplary and uses strength based leadership in her work and life. Her passion for a better world and shines through her work. I continue to work with Namrata on a platform to develop strategies on DEI and her grasp of the subject matter is outstanding. She is also a prolific contributor in LinkedIn on matters related to life goals, motivational tools and tips on leadership development and I am an ardent follower of her contributions. Namrata continues to inspire leaders and is an asset to her organization and comes with my heartfelt recommendation.
author image
Namrata is a great leader from her background in the Indian army to her current role. She uses strength based leadership in her work and life. Her passion ... for a better world and especially women’s rights is evident in all her interactions. She works in a collaborate way, challenging the “norm” when necessary with total respect. Namrata is an innovative thinker and leader.
author image
Maj Namrata is a highly energetic, thoroughly professional and systematic person who has a passion for helping ... people in their developmental journey and supporting them to evolve professionally as well as personally. She is a Leader with vision and is an HR Person by heart. She achieves the end results with utmost precision, within timeline and with desired quality. She as a person is very humble who has human touch in her approach and she cares a lot for everyone including her contribution in all possible ways to CSR activities. I wish her all the luck.
author image
Major Namrata is intelligent, thoughtful, compassionate and deeply creative person, I have learnt valuable leadership lessons and benefited immensely by her mentorship and ... guidance towards effective transition from Militery to Corporate. With multi dimensional experience across industry verticals, Major Namrata will certainly be value addition for any organization/team and brings different perspective and energy to team for betterment.

author image
Namrata is a champion of women and women’s cause. She helps create opportunities for women and promotes diversity and inclusion. ... Its been wonderful to interact her and find synergies in our work and thoughts. I wish her all the best in her endeavours.
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“A wonderful soul who i thoroughly recommend to be in your corner. With great experience gained through reaching the higher ranks in the military. Namrata always brings her A game as a life coach and ... a breath of fresh air. If you want to achieve and then go beyond your goals then this is lady for you and your network.”
Paul S Rogers
author image
“I have known Namrata for over a decade now. She is highly talented, extremely smart, organised and a true leader. She is meticulous and thorough in her work. Handlesmultiple assignments efficiently ... and delivers in time. Her ability to handle critical situations efficiently and effortlessly makes her a valuable member of a team. She is self motivated, cooperative, reliable and thinks out of box to bring out the best solutions. She is a wonderful person and a dynamic leader. Namrata would be an asset to any organisation that she joins and will go places with her solution oriented approach and positive attitude. ”
Maj Savita Singh
author image
“She has been an outstanding person, an intellectual with a lot of Management acumen. Though from the Indian services background, I feel she would do great, if she gets into the Corporate sector. ... We studied together at IIM Lucknow and she has excellent Communication and Presentation Skills. I wish Namrata all the very best and I am sure that she would reach great heights on the Management ladder.”
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“Maj Namrata has a very impressive personality with excellent leadership qualities. she possess a very strong will with can do anything and noting is ... impossible attitude. Once she decides to achieve a target she never skips on achieving it. She can switch roles to be an exceptional leader and team player who proves to be an asset to any organisation she is associated with. ”
Balamurugan R
Assistant General Manager at Volvo Group India Pvt Ltd
author image
“Namrata is Leader and Very Strategic in her Approach and She is very Agile in Group...During Our Studies in IIM Lucknow's APSL Program, She is very ... Active and lead Contributor in the Class... She can be An Asset to Organisation in achieving it's Goals and Namrata can Play an Instrumental Role in that Task with her Skills , Strategic Approach and Tactical Manevuering ....MM.Rao,”
MM Rao
Business Head - Kaoline & GCC I Ashapura Minechem Ltd
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“Major Namrata is undisputed leader by personality who is extremely courageous, patriotic and believe in herself. she is always very clear on her part & talks straight ... & never accepts loose ends. She has never say die attitude. she always put her best to win every part of the challenge. she is a real assets to our Army & country. I wish her all the best in all of her endeavors.”
Sunil Kumar
Business Strategy Coach ( MSME )

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"The corporate still needs to be ready to understand the diversity within veterans and improve the inclusivity else it will just become a metric game and damage in the industry"

Major Namrata Dhasmana: You’re taking me back 17 and a half years and it’s a great feeling to go back in time. It was 2003 when the cupid of the Armed Forces hit me.

I belong to the hills of Uttarakhand and almost every young girl or a boy of Garhwal, the first dream and first love is to join the armed forces.


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