The dark side of Bollywood

Hans News Service | 4 Nov 2022 12:20 AM IST

Bollywood is a movie sector that started in Mumbai and is now a developed empire. Before independence Bombay Film Industry was closely associated with Lahore Film Industry, now the Pakistan Film industry. The movies were made both in Hindustani that is Hindi and Urdu. Even Bengal Film Industry was contributing towards its make.

There was a golden period till the 1960s and many films based on social themes impacting the working class were produced.

Effects on Social Fabric

Yet, there was a sudden shift after 1970 when the industry took a turn to reflect social themes differently. Most of the negative characters(villains) were attired wearing Rudraksha. The traditional attire of men was also worn by bad guys in the movies. This has not only impacted the social fabric of society but also negatively influenced largely in getting disconnected from the norms of society. Even a sacred tilak that holds importance on the forehead of men was delineated by negative character. In the name of liberalization, the actors have always tried to justify themselves yet, the viewer's choice of boycotting has jolted the industry. The wave of boycotting is a drive of intolerance toward the negative impact on Indian Culture.

The influence of drugs

Whether it is a recreational drug or nervous system stimulant, cocaine, or heroin, this racket affects the business and economic strength of the Nation. The norm of celebrity drugs and its impact on young viewers is ill. Considering Bollywood Reel actors as their Iconic Role Models, the perception of drugs has been taken as in vogue and trendy. Even though NCB tried to probe and interrogated to few suspected in the drug racket, it is sufficient for people to decide whom should they consider their role models. The influence of drugs paralyzed not only the economy but its easy availability for youth making them addicted. The Bollywood industry whether a supplier or a big consumer base of this menace diminishes the constructive potential and talent of the Nation.

Poor definition of entertainment

What is shown as entertainment has serious repercussions on the minds of people in the span of 2 to 3 hours. This also affects their attitude; life influences their mindsets. Indian Cinema is not only mere entertainment and escapism, It also influences society's aspirations. Reflecting violence, rumored connections not only have conflicting views and opinions but are all set to lose their charm because of their anti-nationalism and agenda of nepotism. The film industry is grappling and struggling with poor box office reviews. While Bollywood has lost in business during the pandemic, their unrealistic showcases of themes have turned into boycotting them.

Bollywood is one of the integral employment sectors. Analysts even perceive it as one of the major exports by empowering local creators. It's high time for Bollywood Industry to accept its not-so-hidden dark image and facilitate cultural exchange and employment opportunities to mass. Where people's voices have already created shock and collision, the government must have a strong intervention.

(The author is a socio-economic analyst and columnist)